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Our Field Arch Shelters were designed for my Welsh Section A who was diagnosed with COPD and I needed something airy for him but to still provide shelter from the rain, wind and sun. 


As we live in a open area, the winds get rather strong so we needed something that wouldn't be blown away and strong enough to keep our ponies safe.  We support the structure with steel bars and our Arch Shelters come with timber skids (including tow rings) as standard.  We also secure the shelter with 4" posts in each corner, but these can be taken out to allow the Arch Shelter to be moved to a different location within your paddock.


Our Arch Shelters have been built for our customers horses, ponies, shetlands, donkeys, alpacas, sheep and even to be used as a log store.  Here are just some of the shelters we have built for our customers.


Customer testimonial:

"I purchased my arch shelter in October last year, my mare loved it and I felt happy knowing she had shelter.  Now we have the hot weather it also brilliant, she stands in it a lot when the sun is blazing, she loves it, I can honestly say the arch is brilliant for winter and summer.  Thank you - Pauline & Tonto" - (July 2018)


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